Pinup at work part 1

We all know by now that pinup fashion is great for summer, weekends, and evenings.  The staples include pretty sun dresses and glamorous wiggle dresses that stop traffic.  But what about when you decided that you want to embrace the style full-time?  How do you reimagine your wardrobe to fit office dress codes?  Or what about when the weather turns cold and you realize that every dress you own is sleeveless!  This is the first in my series regarding work wear and then winter wear, or how to be a real life pin-up girl!

I know that at work I want to look both beautiful and like “me” but also be taken seriously and not have men staring at my boobs all day (though that is hard to be avoided).  I have been working in a research lab at my university over the summer, the dress code was “business casual” which is the most ambiguous phrase I’ve ever heard.  I decided to be on the safe side with pencil skirts and nice blouses, plus the occasional dress.

The first rule of thumb is: don’t show a lot of skin! I know that pinup is very sexy and sensual, but you can be both of those things while still being professional.  If in doubt, cover up.  It can be hard sometimes to find things that are work appropriate but it takes just a little time and imagination.  Some tops can become appropriate by adding a cardigan or a camisole, only get skirts and dresses that go to your knee or below (you should be anyway for vintage/pinup style), and stay away from very tight garments.  Leave the low-cut, tight dresses for evening wear when it will be appreciated


This is what I wore to work today.  It is a Bettie Page dress that I just bought from ModCloth during their 70% off sale.  I like that it is has a higher neckline and can be appropriate for work.

But at the same time it can be dressed up for evening and be very sexy


here is a close up of the bow detail on the neckline, it is very cute


The fact that my arms are uncovered is balanced by the high neckline, long hemline, and the fact that it is not terribly tight.  I felt great wearing this today and can’t wait to wear it again.

The dress was originally $108, but I scored it for $33.  I will talk about my haul later in the week after I take pictures of everything on.  let’s just say that my entire order was less than the original cost of this dress!

Do you have a dress code at work?  Is it fairly conservative or do you get to wear what you want?  I had worn uniforms in past jobs, except for my last job which was in a warehouse so I went to work in t-shirts and track pants that were then covered by freezer gear.  How do you express yourself while staying within a corporate dress code?

Tutorial: Pin-up makeup

UPDATE: I edited the video so that I could fit it all in one video, so there is only one video now.

I made a video tutorial about how i do my Pin-up makeup,this is my everyday look for the most part. Please excuse the length, it is my first video and I couldn’t figure out the editor 🙂 (I finally figured it out)

I hope this is easy to understand, if a bit wordy.  Thanks for watching, and you can subscribe to my youtube chanel where I will be posting more videos.  Also I have a package arriving from Pinup Girl Clothing today (yay!!!) so later today or tomorrow I will be putting up pictures and a review of all the fun stuff I ordered for Christmas.  Something to look forward to, I know I am!

Tutorial: How I dye my hair

I made it through finals woohoo!!!! As a reward to myself, I dyed my hair 🙂  It was in desperate need of some love, it was super faded and awful looking.  I had been meglecting my hair since I was so busy doing end of semester wrap up stuff.  So I thought I would document the process.  I’ve had a bunch of comments on my hair and the color, so I will let you in on the secret: it is pretty easy and cheap!


This is the before picture, my hair is in bad shape.  I also don’t have any makeup on so don’t judge 😉 I always wear the same shirt when dying my hair, so that only one shirt gets ruined with hair dye, but it is pretty tore up by now.


This is the color I use, Loreal HiColor Hilights in “RED”.  You can get it on Amazon, I’ve seen it on eBay.  I purchase mine at Sally’s Beauty Supply, it’s about $5 a box and I use about one and a half to two tubes to do my hair.  My hair is about 4 inches past my shoulder and pretty thick.  I did my roots with a 40 developer (also from Sally’s) and the length of my hair with a 20 developer. I don’t pre-bleach because this dye lightens the hair while coloring.  It has really helped the health of my hair that I don’t bleach it anymore.


When its all mixed up


I section my hair into quaters and pin three sections up and out of the way.  Working one section at a time makes life much easier.  I start with my roots, going section by section, pinning it back up before pulling down the next section.  Each 1/4 section is split into smaller sections (about 1 inch by 1/2 inch sections) to make sure every hair is covered.  After I have done all of my roots, I go back to the first section and do the length.  The roots take up about a half a tube, so I mix up a new tube with the gentler developer before starting the length of my hair.


I use a tinting brush to apply the dye, then work it through with my fingers to make sure it is covered evenly.  After my whole head is saturated with dye, I put a shower cap on and let it sit for 30 minutes.   Then wash it out and put a deep conditioner on it.   I have been using Argon oil products and they seem to be helping.


This is fresh from the shower, my lighting sucks so you can’t tell how bright it is but it is super bright!


This is what my hair looks like after just blow drying, it is huge and fluffy.  The color is really even, even though I use two different developers.


Here is the final product, post styling.  It looks and feels so much better!  My hair is much happier now 🙂

My daughters had their first Ballet recital this weekend, it was fabulous.  They did so good and were adorable.  It was worth sitting through two hours of show to see them for 5 minutes, lol.  It was pretty strange having to put a full face of makeup on my 3 and 5 year old children, their Daddy almost had a heart attack.  This is one proud mama right here, I have the cutest Reindeer ever!

IMG_7446 IMG_7445

IMG_7460 IMG_7441

I will be back after Christmas.  Enjoy your holidays!

how to get perfect pinup nails:step by step

Sometimes we want to embrace the glamour that is the 1950s from head to toe, or fingertip.  The iconic manicure of the 40s and 50s is the “half moon” nails, it is like the opposite of a french manicure.  It can be a little intimidating to do the first time, or when contemplating “how do I get make the little half moon to look nice, especially on the non-dominant hand!”  Well, I have the answer for you!  You know those little hole reinforcers that are found next to the notebooks, they make the perfect little guide for both the half moon and the french tip (if that’s your thing)

First do your filing and shaping to get the nail whatever shape you like, I shape mine into ovals so that the shape of the tip of my nail is the same as the shape of the half moon.  Put on a base coat, let dry.


Start with whatever you want your base color to be, I prefer to use a neutral color for this because its more traditional.  Often, women didn’t paint the part of the nail closest to the cuticle to obtain this look prior to the production of skin colored nail polish.  I used Sally Henson “hard as nails” in number 03 Bamboo Shoot.  It is really close to my skin color, but different enough that you can tell I have polish on.


After the base color is COMPLETELY dry, take your hole reinforcers and cut them in half.  Then stick them onto your nail, the sticker will cover the part that you don’t want to paint.  I didn’t want to have too much of the beige color showing, so  I placed the stickers to cover a tiny bit less than 1/3 of my nail.


Pick out whatever top color you want, this week I used a pink.  It is Rimmel “60 seconds vinyl shine” in number 808 Shocker.  Put on two coats of nail polish, allowing to dry in between.  You can overlap the paint on top of the sticker, I wish I had taken a picture of that.  The sticker will prevent the color from running together.  After you nails are completely dry, remove the sticker carefully to avoid peeling of the base coat.  Then finish with the top coat of choice.

IMG_7364 IMG_7366

As you can see, it didn’t come out quite perfect, I have a little bit of rough edges on a couple fingers but you can hardly tell and nobody is going to scrutinizing your fingernails too carefully 🙂  I really like this style, it is super glamourous and makes my fingers look crazy long! Plus, if you use a base color that is similar to your skin color, nobody can see the new fingernail growth that always seems to be visible the day after painting your nails.

I am not very good at doing nail art, it always ends up like I let my three year old paint my nails!  So I am all too happy to embrace this simple, yet lovely look.  It looks like its hard but it really isn’t, so I look like I’m more capable and artistic than I really am 🙂 It also adds that extra touch of authenticity to my vintage wardrobe.  Have fun painting your nails!

As the weather outside gets frightful….

So I have seen a number of threads on various pinup lifestlye sites regarding winter wear.  It is so easy to dress in a pinup style in the summer, you can’t go wrong with cute sundresses and wedge sandals.  But as the weather gets colder, we start to wonder how we can keep up the awesome vintage style when all we want to do it cozy up in a huge sweater and functional boots!  Well I assure you, my lovely ladies, that it is possible to embrace our inner Betty rear round.  After all, women of yesteryear did it.

I have put together my comprehenisve list of garmets that help us attain our glamorous look even when the weather is frightful.

First: Long underwear, an extra layer between skin and cold is always a plus.   You can find long under wear online or in some outdoor activity specialty store (ie REI, Cabbella’s, etc.).  Silk is especially luxurious and the material is very thin which allows layering without bulk.

This website is one I found that carries a wide variety, and they group by “warmth factor” which is very helpful.  Not all climates require super heavy thermals.  This is a good place to start.

Second: footwear! Invest is some good  boots, depending on the climate where you live this may mean snowboots, rainboots, or just some nice leather boots to prevent the wind from licking at your calves.  I have had my eye on this pair my Miss L Fire, I think this may be my Christmas present to myself 😉 They are beautiful and have a lower, sturdy heel (very important) to prevent slipping on ice.

I recommend stocking up on stockings and tights, especcially thick cable knit.  They will help keep your legs warm, as well as hide the longjohns.

I like to wear a lot of wool, wool skirts are great in winter.  I love cardigans and sweaters.  I bought a bunch of long sleeve t-shirts in various colors to add a neutral to all of my skirts.  I’m really bad at dressing in neutrals, I’m drawn to bright colors but sometimes nothing brings an outfit together better than a white t-shirt.

If you can find a good vintage coat, it is a great investment for maintaining the pinup look in winter.  I found mine at a secondhand furniture store that happened to have  a little clothing section in the back.  Gloves and hats are a great way to add style and glamour while being functional.

I love this picture, I think that this is the ideal winter look.  She looks amazing, and look how warm she looks! I’ve always wanted a fur muff too.

Of course, if you just can’t convince yourself that dresses in winter is a good idea there are always pants.  Highwaisted trousers are great for a ’40s wartime vibe and highwaisted skinny/cigarette pants give off a bad-girl rockabilly thing.

The best bet for inspiration is found from old pictures of your grandma, or the internet in a pinch!  Look back at what women were actually wearing at the time and chances are it isn’t much different than today.  Have some fashion fun! I will post pictures in the weeks to come of what I put together to stay warm and fabulous.