Mascara matchup: Benefit “They’re Real” vs Too Faced “Better Than False Lashes”

If you are anything like me, you have been searching for the perfect mascara for years. One that gives my eyelashes length and volume, the perfect black color, and last through the day and night. I have tried dozens of different brands and all have come up short of what they advertised, it should be considered false advertisement for models to wear false eyelashes in mascara commercials but that is a different story. I am always on the lookout for new and better brands, forever searching for the perfect mascara. I have really stubby eyelashes so I often wear falsies but they can be uncomfortable, irritating, and time consuming.

Better Than False Eyelashes
The new mascara by Too Faced is called “Better Than False Eyelashes”. The claim is that the mascara will give comparable results as false lashes or eyelash extensions. It is a three step system, with a primer and the color. I have used multi-step mascaras before, the ones that use a white primer to build up the lashes prior to coating them in black, I really like the results that they give and keep going back to them so I was pretty excited to try this one out when I heard about it.



The first step is to use the gold tube, which is the black. It is very sticky and is used to prime the lashes for the nylon extension fibers (white tube).



I wasn’t expecting the white tube to actually contain little fibers, I thought it would be a white mascara like other primers I’ve tried. It was a little shocking to open the tube and see this


My first thought was mold, but then I read the box a little closer and it is how it is supposed to be.

Here is a picture of my naked lid



Then with the rest of my eye makeup on, before mascara



And after mascara, this is a side by side for full effect


As you can see the mascara had pretty dramatic results. The length is rather remarkable, my lashes went from almost imperceptible to very full and pretty.

The only negative is that it is very sticky, while they were drying my lashes stuck together every time I blinked. It only lasted about 10 minutes but it was a bit annoying. The mascara was long lasting, it didn’t flake or smear even after spending Christmas in a hot kitchen. However, when it was time to take off my makeup it came off very easily. I didn’t have to rub my eyes for half an hour to get it all off like some long wearing mascaras. The little fibers rolled all over my face instead of staying on the washcloth, but that’s not a big deal since I remove my makeup and then wash my face so it all came off.
Pros: great coverage, makes my lashes look really long and full, easy to remove, no flaking, long lasting

Cons: price, sticky for about 10 minutes before fully dry, lots of steps

In the end, I say that it’s worth the price and I will definitely buy again when I run out

They’re Real

“They’re Real” by Benefit is a single step which is more convenient since you only have one tube to worry about. The packaging is really nice and attractive, I’m a sucker for anything shiny.



I have been using this brand occasionally for a little while. I had a sample size and I liked it enough to purchase the full sized one. It is a good everyday mascara, it gives good coverage and length. I usually use three to four coats because I like it dark and thick, but I could get away with two coats and it still looks good. This has been my go to mascara when I want something quick.

This is the before and after pictures


The results aren’t as extreme as the other brand but it looks nice none the less.

Pros: good coverage, rich black color, long lasting, no flaking, simple one step application
Cons: hard to remove, pricey

Overall I like this mascara. I will continue to use it when I want to do my makeup quickly. But I may not purchase it again since I am searching for something that produces more dramatic results.


Both brands are available at Ulta, Sephora or online here and here


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