Pinup at work part 1

We all know by now that pinup fashion is great for summer, weekends, and evenings.  The staples include pretty sun dresses and glamorous wiggle dresses that stop traffic.  But what about when you decided that you want to embrace the style full-time?  How do you reimagine your wardrobe to fit office dress codes?  Or what about when the weather turns cold and you realize that every dress you own is sleeveless!  This is the first in my series regarding work wear and then winter wear, or how to be a real life pin-up girl!

I know that at work I want to look both beautiful and like “me” but also be taken seriously and not have men staring at my boobs all day (though that is hard to be avoided).  I have been working in a research lab at my university over the summer, the dress code was “business casual” which is the most ambiguous phrase I’ve ever heard.  I decided to be on the safe side with pencil skirts and nice blouses, plus the occasional dress.

The first rule of thumb is: don’t show a lot of skin! I know that pinup is very sexy and sensual, but you can be both of those things while still being professional.  If in doubt, cover up.  It can be hard sometimes to find things that are work appropriate but it takes just a little time and imagination.  Some tops can become appropriate by adding a cardigan or a camisole, only get skirts and dresses that go to your knee or below (you should be anyway for vintage/pinup style), and stay away from very tight garments.  Leave the low-cut, tight dresses for evening wear when it will be appreciated


This is what I wore to work today.  It is a Bettie Page dress that I just bought from ModCloth during their 70% off sale.  I like that it is has a higher neckline and can be appropriate for work.

But at the same time it can be dressed up for evening and be very sexy


here is a close up of the bow detail on the neckline, it is very cute


The fact that my arms are uncovered is balanced by the high neckline, long hemline, and the fact that it is not terribly tight.  I felt great wearing this today and can’t wait to wear it again.

The dress was originally $108, but I scored it for $33.  I will talk about my haul later in the week after I take pictures of everything on.  let’s just say that my entire order was less than the original cost of this dress!

Do you have a dress code at work?  Is it fairly conservative or do you get to wear what you want?  I had worn uniforms in past jobs, except for my last job which was in a warehouse so I went to work in t-shirts and track pants that were then covered by freezer gear.  How do you express yourself while staying within a corporate dress code?


3 thoughts on “Pinup at work part 1

  1. you know I usually work from home so I can work in whatever I want which is sometimes sad because that means if I want to dress up then it’s just for me. Sometimes I also have to go to conferences and work meetings and they prefer me to look professional, so usually I’ll just go very very secretary (white or tan blouse, black pencil, low black pumps) – but incorporating a little more vintage into it is a great idea too! Can’t wait to see what else you post.

  2. Ok.. I’m a bit jealous, sounds like you got a great deal! Dig the dress :)! Kind of “mad men”- esque. A dress code would drive me crazy since I love all that is fitted & low cut 😉 BUT luckily i don’t have to worry much about that (for now anyway). I do random stuff here and there and all over. I do cemetery maintenance work which is the most restricting fashion wise. Fitted jeans, v neck t-shirt, and sneakers. Although I usually at least like to wear a hair flower with my hair tied back and a pinup girl on my t-shirt. I also do online sales and cut hair from time to time where ever I need to, so I have freedom with those 🙂

    Can’t wait to see this haul you speak of 🙂


  3. I’m pretty lucky in that I can wear what I want for work. However, because my wardrobe is pretty bare, when I come to buy something new, my focus is on “not for work”, rather than “for work” – after all, some bits and pieces can get ‘relegated’ before going out or away forever.

    Having said that, I’m not sure my work could cope with “proper” pin up, people often have a hard enough time coping just with my shoes!

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