Like an Elvgren girl

I recently acquired, after much lusting, the Bettie Page “lucky Dog” dress.  It was from a few seasons ago so it was a little hard to find.  I had to order it from the UK, shipping was crazy! But totally worth it!

If you don’t know, Bettie page did a line of dresses based on the artwork of Gil Elvgren.  He was a painter and illustrator, best known for his pinup art from the 40s and 50s.

The lucky dog dress was fashioned after this illustration.

IMG_8011 IMG_8012

It is fabulous and fits like a dream!  It also has a Tim Burton, Beetlejuice type vibe that I adore.  I was full-on goth at one point, so it tends to creep in to my style now and then, I like to call it psychobilly now 😉

I took my friend to go shopping for her baby shower so I wore black flats, boring I know.  I was planning on putting on my Iron Fist Zombie Stompers but decided there was too much walking.

IMG_7594 How awesome are these! Next time I wear this dress, I am definitely going to rock these shoes.  I wore them the other night, but that’s a different post 🙂

I love this dress, if you can find it anywhere I would recommend to jump on it.  I got so many compliments while running around town, 80 year old ladies are my biggest fans!

Next up…Pinup Essentials more hair accessories!



Jayne dress from Pinup Couture

I recently made a purchase from Pinup Girl clothing, there was a sale and it had been awhile since I bought anything new so I went for it.  I decided on the new Jayne dress, it is one of the new styles they released for spring.  I have been lusting after it since it was released a few months ago so I was pretty excited to see it included in the sale.

This style was released in four colors: yellow, pink, black and blue

I like the yellow and the blue the best, I tend to be drawn to blue and I have been really into yellow lately.

The yellow one was the only one on sale so that is the one I purchased 🙂


It is perfect, I definitely felt like I was channeling Jayne Mansfield while wearing the Jayne dress.

There is boning in the bodice to help define the shape of the dress.  It is lined with a satin that feels amazing, be it a bit warm in the 90 degree weather.  I think it is the perfect wiggle dress, I’m thinking about purchasing it in the other colors as well.

According to the size chart I would have fit into the medium, I am usually either a medium or a large in PUG dresses depending on the neckline.  For this dress, the medium is said to fit the following measurements: bust-34-38 inches; waist 28-29; hips 38-39.5.  I have a 42 inch bust and a 27 inch waist, so I went with the large (which fits 36-40 inch bust) so that I had some room in the top.  I liked that it wasn’t too terribly tight, it is a very sexy dress and I wanted to stay classy 🙂

In the same order I picked up some new sunglasses

IMG_7982 IMG_7983

don’t they look fabulous with the new dress 😉

I think that this is the ideal casual/daytime wiggle dress, which is something that every pinup needs in their wardrobe.  It looks great dressed down with flats or dressed up with heels.

I also got a new pencil skirt, the Dixiefried Perfect pencil skirt in Orange.  I don’t have a picture of it on yet but I will post one soon.

I always look forward to my orders from PUG and have yet to be let down 🙂