Pinup essentials: Hair accessories and VIntage Box 1947 review

One of the essentials for the Pinup look is accessories! Especially hair accessories, an outfit is never complete without an awesome retro hairstyle and often a flower.  Accessories really pull an outfit together and take it from basic to fabulous.  The right accessories can also lend a vintage vibe to the most basic or modern outfit.

If you haven’t heard of Vintage Box 1947, they are fabulous!  It is a small, woman-owned business and she makes gorgeous hats, fascinators, and hair accessories.  I placed an order with them a little over a week ago after drooling over the website for a month.   Shipping was very fast, my package was at my door in about 3-4 days.  I had purchased the “Retro Package-Basic Hair accessory collection Starter Kit” linked below

It includes a variety of the most popular items on the website, it really is a great collection of hair accessories to get you started if you are new to pinup or retro fashion.  Or if, like me, you are addicted to hair accessories 🙂

The first item is called the Sophia Rose, I went with yellow but it is available in red, white or pink as well.

IMG_7653 IMG_7652

It is about 5 1/2 inches in diameter. It’s a beautiful yellow, it is a lot more yellow in person with little tinges of pink along the outside petals.  If you’ve seen yellow roses, this is the exact same color.  It has a double prong clip that its very well attached to, so the flower wont fall off of the clip.  I wore this one on Valentine’s day and it stayed put in my hair all day without budging at all.  It is definitely a statement piece, as it is quite large but it is so pretty.  Here is the link to the Sophia Rose all by itself

The second item is the Birdcage Veil.  It is a basic mesh veil, it comes with some bobby-pins to secure it to your hair but nothing too fancy.  I did like that she included a little card with instructions with it, as it could be pretty overwhelming to get a piece of mesh and try to figure it out.  It is kind of bowl-shaped, it is knotted at one end and the other end is meant to come toward your face.


It is not scratchy or cheap feeling and it is big enough that you can do a lot with it.  The veil can be worn alone or with other flowers, added to hats and fascinators as well.  It is available in tons of colors, even with some embellishments.  In the starter kit, you can choose from red, white, ivory, or black.

Next up is the Magnolia flower.  This is the only one that you don’t get to choose your color.  It is only available in cream/white for the starter kit.

IMG_7646 IMG_7648 IMG_7650

It’s really cute, basic white flower.  It would be cute for a bridal piece.  It is almost 4 inches in diameter.  I included a picture of the clip, it is the same or almost the same for all the flowers.  This one is the single prong, the bigger ones have a double prong style.  The “back” side of the clip, the attached side is actually underneath the green “leaf” instead of just glued on which adds to the integrity of it.  If you were to buy this individually instead of in the starter set, it would come with three of these flowers.  The starter kit comes with one.

The next option os for the Velvet Rose with Peacock Eyes OR the Ranunculus with Peacock.  I went with the velvet rose.  I couldn’t get a great picture of it, the peacock wouldn’t show up without the flash but the flash bleached out the color of the flower.  So pretend like you can see it all together 😉

IMG_7639 IMG_7640 IMG_7641

It is very pretty, I love peacock feathers.  And I love the little pearl button detail.  The flower is about 5 1/s inches across and the feather sticks out about another inch on one side.  This is probably the most fancy of them, where as all the other ones could be either dressed up or down.  I really like and can’t wait to wear it.  This is the link to the velvet rose and the one I didn’t get so you can see both

Last but certainly not least comes the Triple Orchid set.  Your choice of red or ivory.  I had been looking at the ivory one for a while so the choice was very clear to me.

IMG_7643 IMG_7644 IMG_7645

I love these! They are so pretty and I love that there is so many ways to style them.  You can wear just one for a cute Polynesian/tiki style or all three for a statement!  These are my favorite out of the bunch.  It is easy to see why they are a top seller.  I had seen them a few weeks ago in my local pinup boutique and almost got them then but I’m glad I waited.

I am very happy with my purchase.  I highly recommend that everybody go and check out the website.  My next purchase will be a hat, I already know which one too 🙂  I have set a goal to wear more hats this year, it is the next step in my retro style evolution.  I have a bunch that I don’t wear and that will change this year.  If you’re not ready for hats, hair flowers and fascinators are a great place to start.


2 thoughts on “Pinup essentials: Hair accessories and VIntage Box 1947 review

  1. Great post 🙂 I LOVE hair flowers! They definitely do add to the pinup look. I’m getting into facinators as well. Made my own “fetish” mask hair clip (which turned out really pretty), and recently bought a Peacock feather facinator. Speaking of which, that velvet rose with the peacock eye, is my favorite out of the bunch you’ve shown 😀 I’d also like to evolve my look to include netted veils, snoods and hats 🙂 Though no matter where my pinup look evolves to, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of flowers 😉 They’ll just be among my many hair accessory options.

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