I have been so far behind in posting.  I think I said earlier in the month that I am currently taking an accelerated class.  It is part of a mini-term, they stuff a 16 week class into 3 weeks.  It has been so hectic and busy.  I am in class from 9 am until 1 pm, then come home and read and write papers until midnight or 1 am (the latest I’ve been up is 3 am finishing homework that was due the next day).  I am exhausted! On top of that I have been trying to keep up on my January 1950s housewife challenge.  All things considered, I have been doing a damn good job 🙂 I start the normal semester on Tuesday so it will make it a little easier, at least I will have more than one day to get stuff done.

It has been so cold were I live, it makes it worse that we don’t usually see weather this cold.  Nobody knows how to drive in the snow.  One of the water pipes in my house froze on saturday, we weren’t able to get it thawed until sunday afternoon.  It was awful, I couldn’t wash dishes or laundry, and we didn’t have  a shower for two days! Not pleasant.

I bought a couple vintage dresses on eBay so I will be posting pictures as soon as i get the chance.  I love eBay, if you look hard enough you can find some amazing pieces.  I got 3 or 4 dresses for the price of one new repro dress.  eBay is the thrift store of the internet, so you have to approach it the same way.  Sure, some things wont be in perfect condition.  But there are some diamonds out there to be dug up.

I will get back into regularly posting this weekend, until then enjoy your week.


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