My birthday is coming up in a couple weeks and for my present (and my husband’s present) we are getting a new puppy.  We already have a 5 year old Border Collie and now he is getting a little sister.100_5154-600x450

Isn’t she adorable! She is a doberman pinscher and we will be bringing her home 2/12.  I’m so excited, and my daughters are going crazy with anticipation.  Every day they wake up and ask if its time to bring the puppy home yet.

I will pose a question to you, dear readers.  We are having issues coming up with a name!  What are some good, strong, female names for my cute puppy.  I have mostly been pulling names from Sci-fi, comics, mythology, any where that there are female heroes.  Do you have any ideas?  We are open to suggestions 🙂


Thrifty! eBay finds series, 1

I have stated before that I am BIG on thrift and second-hand stores.  A very small percentage of my wardrobe is new or not pre-owned.  Since I love vintage and the 1950s style, it makes it both budget friendly and practical to shop second-hand and vintage stores.  I have scored huge on more than a few occasions.  For example, I love Pinup Girl Clothing, their clothes are fabulous but they are pricey.  I have a very strict clothing/disposable income budget since we only have one income right now,  if I were to buy a dress from PUG it would blow my entire clothes budget for between one and two months.  I do splurge occasionally but I tend to go the more wallet friendly route most often.  I could get 6 true vintage outfits at my local thrift store for the price of one vintage reproduction dress.  Sometimes you just have to go for quantity, especially when you don’t have to sacrifice quality.  I have found cashmere and pure silk blouses for a few dollars, things that would be out of my price point to buy new.

I don’t live in a big city so my local vintage market is pretty small.  I would love to make a trip to San Francisco or LA to spend a week shopping, but until then I like to make due with that big thrift store on the internet: eBay!

eBay is awesome.  I have bought and sold various items (lots of clothes) and have yet to be disappointed.  Of course there are pitfalls to avoid when making any purchases online but they are minimal.   One of the biggest issues is “fit”, you have to count on the accuracy of the seller’s measurements and their description of the item.  It sucks to not be able to try things on before buying but most sellers will allow returns if necessary.  there is so much to choose from that if the listed measurements don’t fit your body it isn’t too heartbreaking to move on to the next thing.

So today I want to start my “eBay finds” series.  I will show you all the awesome things that I have found on eBay, include price, a link to the seller if they are a “store”, etc.   I’m letting you into my secret, this is a great way to get vintage clothes for a bargain.

First up is a yellow pencil dress and “jacket”


The dress has a black spaghetti strap bodice that attaches to the yellow skirt.  The jacket (for lack of a better term) is a wrap style, it doesn’t have any buttons and I had to add a belt to keep it closed.  I’m not sure when it was made, it looks like 80s to me, but it has that pin-up vibe to it so I dig it.

This outfit cost me $6.99 plus $5.00 shipping.  Not a bad outfit for $12.  The belt had come with a different dress I had bought a few years ago and the shoes were $8 flats at Payless.  My entire outfit cost less than $20 which is a good 80% less than purchasing a similar “suit” from a vintage repro company.

The material is a bit sheer in the light, I have been meaning to get a half slip and this might be the final push I need to go to the store.


Here is a close up of the fabric:


It was listed as a polka dot, but as you can see the dots are actually square.  I don’t mind, I really like them.  I have a lot of polka dots and so this one is a little more unique 🙂

That is definitely something to look out for when making purchases, things aren’t always listed 100% accurately.  Look at the pictures really thoroughly, I wouldn’t buy something that only had one picture because you don’t get a full view of the garment.  Read and reread the description and email the seller with any questions.  If the are legitimate and reputable, they will gladly answer all of your questions.  Be wary of sellers who don’t respond or are snippy with you, they obviously don’t deserve your money.

If you are cautious and aware, you can make some great purchases.  Until I can make my thrifting pilgrimage to California I will continue to make due with eBay, you can’t beat the price on a lot of things and it is super convenient to shop at home.  Plus I will continue to share it with all of you!  Stay tuned to more shopping adventures 🙂


Vintage style personality

I  love movies set in or made in the 1950s.  I could watch Grease, Crybaby or The Girl Can’t Help It any day.  I was thinking about how fashion is used to let the audience know the characters of the people on the screen.  For example, in Grease you have the good girl-Sandy and the bad girl-Rizzo.  It is pretty obvious who is who based on their clothes.  Sandy wears pastels and poodle skirts, ties her hair up in a ponytail and is very fresh-faced.

I had a heck of a time finding a picture of Sandy pre-makeover.

Rizzo on the other hand, looks like trouble.  When we first see her she is in all black and it wearing a tight pencil skirt, her outfit shows off her figure and she is wearing red lipstick.  And she wears pants (gasp!) during the film.

 of course by the end of the movie, the roles of the two women have swapped with Sandy donning her skin-tight leather pants.

We often see the “good girl” in a-lines and soft colors and the “bad girl” in darker or richer colors and a sexy clothing like pencil skirts.

I like to think of myself more of a Frenchie, she straddles both realms and can pull off both styles.  And I always loved her pink hair 🙂

Of course there is the Donna Reed, ideal housewife, vacuuming in pearls.  She is the epitome of femininity, all grown up, married to the high school quarterback with 2.5 kids.  I love this she looks so pretty.

Then we have the Jayne Mansfield Bombshell.  She is super sexy without being trashy.  You don’t get more glamorous.

936full-jayne-mansfield thCAVMBGYH

My personal style is more rockabilly than authentic vintage, I like bright colors, big hair, tattoos, and six-inch stilettos.

My style is a mix of the Donna Reed and Jayne Mansfield, I love to look classy but I want to look sexy at the same time.  Plus, I’m not a teenager anymore so I relate a lot more to the Housewife in style and personality, as well as daily routine 🙂  It is hard to clean in super tight pencil skirts, so I have been collecting a lot more swing skirts and dresses for daily wear.

If you don’t know what your style is, I recommend watching some old movies, doing some google searches, and play with different looks until you find what suits your body and personality best.

Do you have a vintage style personality?  What characters do you relate to from movies of the era?  Do you dress more like a bad girl, a good girl, a housewife, a bombshell, a mix of a few or all?

Dita on Vintage

I saw a post done by Miss Stacy Blaise on the interview Dita Von Teese did for Instyle magazine and I thought it was such a good topic that I had to share. Here is the link to the article http://news.instyle.com/2013/01/16/dita-von-teese-shopping-vintage/.  I adore Dita, I mean who doesn’t!  she is gorgeous and so classy, even her nude pictures are classy! She is definitely my fashion icon.  She can mix modern and vintage flawlessly, she owns her look and never looks costumey.  I really like the little bit of goth style she has going on, as a metal girl myself i appreciate it 🙂

I think the article could have been better, it was kind of an advertisement for Dita’s new reproduction line.

This is a much better interview with her, where she actually talks, plus there’s more pictures (bonus!!!) http://www.catwalkqueen.tv/2013/01/dita_von_teese_interview.html

I have been so far behind in posting.  I think I said earlier in the month that I am currently taking an accelerated class.  It is part of a mini-term, they stuff a 16 week class into 3 weeks.  It has been so hectic and busy.  I am in class from 9 am until 1 pm, then come home and read and write papers until midnight or 1 am (the latest I’ve been up is 3 am finishing homework that was due the next day).  I am exhausted! On top of that I have been trying to keep up on my January 1950s housewife challenge.  All things considered, I have been doing a damn good job 🙂 I start the normal semester on Tuesday so it will make it a little easier, at least I will have more than one day to get stuff done.

It has been so cold were I live, it makes it worse that we don’t usually see weather this cold.  Nobody knows how to drive in the snow.  One of the water pipes in my house froze on saturday, we weren’t able to get it thawed until sunday afternoon.  It was awful, I couldn’t wash dishes or laundry, and we didn’t have  a shower for two days! Not pleasant.

I bought a couple vintage dresses on eBay so I will be posting pictures as soon as i get the chance.  I love eBay, if you look hard enough you can find some amazing pieces.  I got 3 or 4 dresses for the price of one new repro dress.  eBay is the thrift store of the internet, so you have to approach it the same way.  Sure, some things wont be in perfect condition.  But there are some diamonds out there to be dug up.

I will get back into regularly posting this weekend, until then enjoy your week.

Clean up, everybody do their share!

Happy Saturday everyone!
It has been a crazy busy week for me.  I am taking an accelerated class, we are fitting a whole semester (16 weeks) in to 3 weeks.  It is a women’s literature class so there has been a lot more work involved than I was expecting.  I am in lecture from 9 am to 1 pm monday through thursday then for homework we have to read four novels, write 3 essays (3-4 pages), and a final essay (8-10 pages!!!) in that 3 week period.  There has been little time for anything else!

So in all of my free time, I have been tackling my 1950s housewife challenge.  I have been trying to keep up, but have fallen behind a little, I’ve had  a basket full of folded laundry sitting in my living room for a couple of days.  I am trying to get everything in the house organized, so I am doing one room at a time for that project.  I have put up pictures that have been sitting around because we didn’t have frames, bought frames for said pictures,  I moved around some shelving, got rid of a bunch of papers that were junking up drawers.  So I think overall it was a pretty productive week.

I  started keeping track of all the things I do around the house in my planner, I am actually surprised at how much I get done!

Here is a sample, this is one whole day:

Saturday 12/29

6:30 shower, get dressed

7:30 Wake up the girls, breakfast, run the dishwasher (hooray for modern conveniences)

8:30 make beds, help the girls make their beds, tidy up bedrooms

9:00 laundry (wash, dry, fold, put away, repeat), I think I did 3 or 4 loads completely through out the day

10:00 make YouTube video 🙂 I know that this isn’t traditional, but it is what I did

11:00 go to the Goodwill to drop off a bunch of old clothes

12:30 lunch

1:00 violin practice, my daughters are learning how to play the violin, it’s so freaking cute

2:00 girls take a nap, clean up from lunch, fold laundry, tidy up living room

4:00 girls get up from nap, they clean their rooms

5:00 make dinner

6:00 have dinner, then clean kitchen, load dishwasher

7:00 watch Battlestar Gallactica with hubby, a girl needs some down time

8:00 girls get ready for bedtime

8:30 bedtime

9:30 bedtime for Mama


then once school started again on the 31st, my day was more like this:


6:30 shower, get dressed

7:00 kids breakfast

8:00 drop girls off at mother-in-law’s house

9:00 class

1:00 class ends

1:20 pick up girls

2:00 get home, girls needed a nap, I needed a nap too but instead I tidied up the house

2:30 homework

4:00 girls wake up

5:00 dinner

5:30 dishes, clean kitchen

6:00 more homework

8:00 girls get ready for bed

8:30 bedtime, then more homework

9:30 my bedtime

blah! I hate having to cram a whole days worth of housework into like 2 hours, it’s no wonder my house is never spotless.  I am technically a stay at home mom, in that I don’t have a paying job anymore.  But I go to school full-time, my husband made a comment the other day that I am at school at least as many hours a week as he is at work,  but I go more days than he does.  I am at school usually 5 days a week and he works 3 days a week.  He has been a lot more helpful lately, he will do a load of laundry or do the dishes and he is wonderful with the kids, he is a very active father.

During this past week, I don’t know if it’s this challenge or the “feminism” class I am taking, I’ve been thinking a lot about division of labor in households.  My husband and I have taken upon ourselves very traditional gender roles.  I cook, clean, take care of the kids, decorate, etc.  He makes the money, fixes things around the house, does the yard work, does everything that needs to be done with the cars.  I am usually satisfied with our division of labor but it can be very frustrating when I come home and find a days worth of dishes piled in the sink or worse on the coffee table, and he has been at home all day.  Though we talked about it and he is trying harder to help out around the house.

How does the housework get divided out in your house?  If you are married/living with someone, do you both work outside the home or does one person stay home?  Who takes on the bulk of the domestic duties or is it pretty equal?  I would love to hear other people’s thoughts on the subject.  I feel like if I was a true stay-at-home mom and was at home 7 days a week, it would be entirely my responsiblity to keep the house clean and I would have so much time to do it in the house would be spotless.  Since I essentially work full-time, I think my husband should at least clean up after himself.