New Dress, Yay!!!

I got a new dress for christmas from my mom, she’s so nice 🙂  It is the “Natasha” in Navy and Cream from Pinup Girl Clothing.  This is only my second dress purchased form PUG, but I have been a fan for years.  The Natasha is AMAZING!!!!

IMG_7562 IMG_7560

I took the pictures after having worn it for 6 hours so it is a little wrinkled and the fabric isn’t as tight as when I first out it on.

I got it at a local store that sells vintage reproduction clothing,, I did a fashion show for them about a month ago. I had initially got the large but after looking at the size chart onI decided to exchange it for the medium. That was a good call becuase the medium was perfect.

My measurements right now are 42-27-39, so the chest was a little tight but I don’t mind a bit of extra cleavage 🙂

IMG_7564 IMG_7565 IMG_7567

Here is a front, back and side view.  I love the length and the bow detail.  The only negative is the way the front panel under the belt is cut, it has a little extra fabric and so it makes it look like my stomach is sticking out even though it isn’t.  It really only looks like that after wearing it for a few hours, I imagine it will tighten back up between wears (fingers crossed).

The color is amazing, it is a rich navy blue which contrasts so nicely with the cream bow and belt.  The belt doesn’t have holes, it just weaves through the buckle, but I could see it slipping and getting looser through out the day but I didn’t have that problem.

I absolutely love this dress, I have worn it twice in a week.  I never wear something twice in a week, or even a month! The cut is so flattering and so sexy while still being completly covered.

This is the link to Pinup Girl Clothing and the fabulous Natasha  If the pencil skirt isn’t your thing, they have a similar dress called the Heidi which has the same top but with a swing skirt.  It is equally flattering without being as sexy.


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