Tutorial: How I dye my hair

I made it through finals woohoo!!!! As a reward to myself, I dyed my hair 🙂  It was in desperate need of some love, it was super faded and awful looking.  I had been meglecting my hair since I was so busy doing end of semester wrap up stuff.  So I thought I would document the process.  I’ve had a bunch of comments on my hair and the color, so I will let you in on the secret: it is pretty easy and cheap!


This is the before picture, my hair is in bad shape.  I also don’t have any makeup on so don’t judge 😉 I always wear the same shirt when dying my hair, so that only one shirt gets ruined with hair dye, but it is pretty tore up by now.


This is the color I use, Loreal HiColor Hilights in “RED”.  You can get it on Amazon, I’ve seen it on eBay.  I purchase mine at Sally’s Beauty Supply, it’s about $5 a box and I use about one and a half to two tubes to do my hair.  My hair is about 4 inches past my shoulder and pretty thick.  I did my roots with a 40 developer (also from Sally’s) and the length of my hair with a 20 developer. I don’t pre-bleach because this dye lightens the hair while coloring.  It has really helped the health of my hair that I don’t bleach it anymore.


When its all mixed up


I section my hair into quaters and pin three sections up and out of the way.  Working one section at a time makes life much easier.  I start with my roots, going section by section, pinning it back up before pulling down the next section.  Each 1/4 section is split into smaller sections (about 1 inch by 1/2 inch sections) to make sure every hair is covered.  After I have done all of my roots, I go back to the first section and do the length.  The roots take up about a half a tube, so I mix up a new tube with the gentler developer before starting the length of my hair.


I use a tinting brush to apply the dye, then work it through with my fingers to make sure it is covered evenly.  After my whole head is saturated with dye, I put a shower cap on and let it sit for 30 minutes.   Then wash it out and put a deep conditioner on it.   I have been using Argon oil products and they seem to be helping.


This is fresh from the shower, my lighting sucks so you can’t tell how bright it is but it is super bright!


This is what my hair looks like after just blow drying, it is huge and fluffy.  The color is really even, even though I use two different developers.


Here is the final product, post styling.  It looks and feels so much better!  My hair is much happier now 🙂

My daughters had their first Ballet recital this weekend, it was fabulous.  They did so good and were adorable.  It was worth sitting through two hours of show to see them for 5 minutes, lol.  It was pretty strange having to put a full face of makeup on my 3 and 5 year old children, their Daddy almost had a heart attack.  This is one proud mama right here, I have the cutest Reindeer ever!

IMG_7446 IMG_7445

IMG_7460 IMG_7441

I will be back after Christmas.  Enjoy your holidays!


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