Dressember day 10: Lime Me!

Today was unseasonably warm so I took advantage by giving my cardigans a rest 🙂


I wore a lime green top from Forever 21 (I think).  I love lime green! Its in my top five favorite colors, I love how bright and cheery it is, with a bit of punk rock.  I also love how it looks with my hair 🙂

I paired the bright top with a gray pencil skirt, gray and lime green are one of my favorite combinations.  The pencil skirt adds a bit more classy-ness to the outfit, I don’t know if you can tell but my shirt is kind of mesh.

I added some hot pink heels that match my lipstick, a green bracelet, and a turban.



This is a close up.  Turbans (hats in general) are kind of hard to wear.  Hats aren’t a big part of modern style so it can be a bit intimidating to start wearing them, it definitely attracts attention.  I got this because I love how it looks in old pictures but then it took me a good month before I summed up enough courage to wear it out of the house!

I like to have REALLY big, curly hair with the turban.  I feel like I need the volume at the sides to offset the flattening a the top.  I usually like a lot of volume in my hair, so its really hard to have a flat head! I curled it using my smallest size of hot rollers, then teased the bottom layers it until it was standing up on its own.  Then put the turban on and teased it some more to build it up the way I wanted.  My hair is due for a washing so it didn’t hold the curl as well as usual, but it worked out ok, and its not as big as I would have liked.  It fell a bit by the time I took the pictures.

I want to try to wear hats more often, I have a bunch of them.  I but them with every intention of wearing them, but I make excuses not to like “I have nothing to wear with (insert whatever hat here)” but it is really about a lack of confidence that I can pull it off.  This is a horrible cycle because what makes you able to pull off the hat is being confident! Lacking confidence makes it hard to pull off, which makes you more self conscious, which makes you less likely to wear it, and on and on.  I think that will be one of my style resolutions for the new year: wear all of the hats I own at least once.

Do you have any pieces of clothing, accessories, etc. that you loved when you bought it but now it sits untouched in your closet?  What drew you to it in the first place, what scares you away now?  I love to hear your thoughts and comments!


3 thoughts on “Dressember day 10: Lime Me!

  1. I think that turban looks wonderful, all the more so with your long red hair! I just don’t buy hats anymore, I used to but then I would never have the guts to wear them out so I’ve got rid of them all. One thing that sits in my closet that I love but don’t wear are my DD Capri pants in Tiffany Blue! I love them so much but every time I wear them I feel like everyone is staring at me and I’m not entirely confident with how I look in them. But I’m sure I’ll wear them one day, I really would love wear them more often!

    • I love those pants! I will be buying some for summer. Harlow, you could wear a burlap sack and attract attention 😉 its all about confidence, and sometimes that takes time. A year ago I wouldn’t be wearing a tenth of what I can wear now. I can’t wait to see pictures of those sexy pants 😉

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