Rainy days and wednesdays wont get me down!

Today was a very rainy, school day.  I don’t like to wear heels to school since I have to walk around campus all day.  Usually I go to the gym in between classes, I have an hour or so break everyday so I use that time to workout, so on gym days I wear gym clothes all day.  Lame.  So I am using Dressember as an excuse to motivate myself to dress nicer every day of the week.


This was my outfit for the day.

Green pleated skirt: I got it at a thrift store, it has a matching cardigan

White long sleeved t-shirt: from Target, I stocked up on a couple of these in different colors for those days when an outfit needs a neutral.  I have a bright color addiction and rarely buy anything in neutral colors.

Black flats from Payless

Black belt that came with another dress.

I think the whole outfit cost me less than $20, which is important for me since we are on a pretty tight budget.  I am a huge fan of thrift stores.  If you spend some time combing through the racks, you can often find some great pieces of vintage clothing.  My mom always comments on my “old lady” clothes, but I don’t think I look like an old lady!  If dressing classy and ladylike, makes me look like an old lady, I’ll proudly take it.  I attend my local university and I see girls running around all the time in barely there shorts with parts of their behind or their middrift hanging out, I would choose looking like an old lady any day over that!


I decided to do simple makeup, a basic cat eye and bright pink lip.  This is my favorite lipstick, it is Milani “Rose Hip”.  It is also one of my least expensive lipsticks, I think it is 3.99 at Walgreens/any drug store.  I collect Mac cosmetics so I was a little skeptical about cheap drug store products but I have been so happy with this one.  It is the perfect bright pink lipstick, it is so creamy and has great staying power.

I like to use makeup as a way to modernize my vintage look.  I like to play with colors, again my color addiction :), I have so many eyeshadows and lipsticks and I try to use them whenever I can.  My camera doesn’t capture it very well but I think we will be getting a new camera soon then I will do some tutorials and more makeup and hair style posts.  Maybe for Christmas or my birthday in february I can get a decent webcam for tutorials.

I just want to remind everybody about the orphans that are counting on us!  The link to donate is in the sidebar on the left.  Lets spread some Christmas cheer!


2 thoughts on “Rainy days and wednesdays wont get me down!

    • Thank you! I love thrift stores too, probably a good 75% of my wardrobe is second hand. I feel like I can get more and better quality for my money, I also have trouble finding things that I like in the main stream stores 🙂

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