Dressember day 3

It is the third day of Dressember, I spent yesterday in my sweat pants writing school papers 🙂 but today I am back on the dress wagon!


I bought this dress off of Ebay about a month ago, it is so comfy! I have been really into grey lately, this is kind of a greyish mauve color with the white flowers and the cute little tie at the neckline.  Some days I like to be all buttoned up and give the cleavage a little break 😉  I wore a crinoline underneath for some added poof.  I felt like June Cleaver today, it was awesome! I felt like I should have had a martini ready for my husband when he came home from work.


A close up of the shoes, the most important part


For my hair, I just did my usual curler set.  My hair looks a lot better since I colored it on saturday, I hate when it gets faded but that’s the price I pay for having red hair.

I did a basic cat eye and red lip, I use Russian Red from MAC.  I have found that is my perfect red, it is a more blue red and it is matte so it is good for everyday and it makes my teeth look whiter.

I am looking forward to showing off my dressember fun with you all!  Don’t forget about the orphans that need our help too, for the price of a Starbucks latte you can give a child an education and health care.  The link is in the sidebar on the left.  Thank you!


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