If loving PUG is wrong, I don’t want to be right!

This afternoon my Christmas order from Pinup Girl Clothing (PUG) arrived.  It was like Christmas morning all over again.  Shipping was quick, I placed my order on Thursday and it came today (Saturday).  I have been a fan of PUG for almost 6 years, but only recently made a purchase.  I’m up to six dresses and two skirts (one hasn’t arrived yet, it was purchased off of eBay), and now I am completely addicted!  Everything from this order is size medium and pictures were taken without shapewear.

The first dress I HAD to try on was the Deadly Dames Polka Dot Wiggle dress.  This was the dress that first endeared me to PUG, I have wanted it since the first time I stumbled upon the PUG website.  And now it is finally MINE!!!!!

IMG_7574 IMG_7577 IMG_7576

Here it is front, side and back view.  I didn’t change my bra to try on the clothes, but a strapless bra is definitely in order in the future.  I love it so much, it was worth the wait.  It makes me feel like Wanda from Crybaby, that’s why I was drawn to it in the first place.  I can’t wait until the weather warms up so I can wear it out.

Picture_13 IMG_7575

Next came the Jessica dress in Baton Rouge Bengaline, this is a newer design it just came out this fall.  I had tried the Rust colored one and loved the fit, but this color was my favorite.

IMG_7582 IMG_7580 IMG_7581

This color is amazing! It is so unique, I love purple, and I love how it looks with my hair.  After seeing the pictures from the back, I will be wearing shapewear in the future 🙂  I wan’t able to get the zipper all the way up by myself, this why a husband comes in handy, I can never zip myself up.  The fabric is great, stretchy and not scratchy.  It feels high quality.  I know I’ll  get a lot of use out of this too.

Here comes the world famous Vamp dress!

IMG_7583 IMG_7585 IMG_7586 IMG_7587

I decided on the Tiger print and it is fabulous!  The bust was a bit tight, I wasn’t able to wear a bra with it.  According to my measurements, I fit into an XL in the bust but my wasit is between a small and a medium.  I decided on the medium becuase I figured that I wouldn’t mind the extra cleavage.  As you can see, there is some super cleavage going on.  That is my only (minor) complaint with the fit, the zipper wouldn’t stay all the way up because I didn’t hook the little clasp at the top.  That wont be a problem when I actually wear it out.  I was a little worried about the length, in the pictures on the website it only went down to right above Michelline’s knees.  I didn’t want to wear it that short, so its a good thing I’m short 🙂  I think it would have been too much being short and having that much cleavage.  But with the bottom of the skirt hitting right under my knee, it is perfect.  I feel so ferocious grrrrr.  There is definitely more Vamp in my future, i have to start collecting the tops now too.

After all these sexy wiggle dresses I decided I needed something a little more casual, I decided on the Luscious dress in mint with “Mira Mermaid”

IMG_7588 IMG_7589 IMG_7590 IMG_7592

I am surprised at how much I like this one.  It may be my new go-to dress for spring and summer.  I have been a bit obsessed with Mint lately, I have been snatching up anything I can find in that color.  The Luscious is just that, it is made out of a really thick t-shirt like material that feels so soft.  The little mermaid embroidered on the shoulders is so darn cute and adds just enough detail to set it apart.  Putting this on is just as easy as pulling on a t-shirt and running out the door, and looks a hell of a lot more put together too.

And last but certainly not least, I ordered the Iron Fist Zombie Stompers! I have been wanting these amazing shoes for years and every time I decided to get them they were always sold out!  Now the stars have aligned and I was finally able to get them, and on sale too.

IMG_7594 IMG_7593

They are so comfortable, the soles are padded, and they’re so cute!  I was pleasantly surprised to find an extra pair of tips for the heels, mine always wear down pretty fast.  They have so many colors on them, they go with practically everything 😉

I’m so happy with all of the things I purchased and can’t wait until my next opportunity to collect more of their fabulous clothes.


Tutorial: Pin-up makeup

UPDATE: I edited the video so that I could fit it all in one video, so there is only one video now.

I made a video tutorial about how i do my Pin-up makeup,this is my everyday look for the most part. Please excuse the length, it is my first video and I couldn’t figure out the editor 🙂 (I finally figured it out)

I hope this is easy to understand, if a bit wordy.  Thanks for watching, and you can subscribe to my youtube chanel where I will be posting more videos.  Also I have a package arriving from Pinup Girl Clothing today (yay!!!) so later today or tomorrow I will be putting up pictures and a review of all the fun stuff I ordered for Christmas.  Something to look forward to, I know I am!

New Year’s resolution time

My house has gotten destroyed over the last month.  With the holidays, finals, and Ballet practice 3 times a week I haven’t been home except for one day a week for over a month.  My house has fallen by the wayside and in disrepair, I’m such a bad housewife!

I read an article on glamourdaze.com about the daily routine of a 1940s housewife, originally printed for Life Magazine.  I was so intrigued by how they spent their day, I have decided to challenge myself to a month of living the routine of the 1940s housewife.
This is the link to the article if you are interested http://glamourdaze.com/2011/02/1940s-fashion-housewifes-daily-routine.html.


I decided to start today, instead of the 1st since I go back to school on the 12/31.  I have this week off so I thought I’d get an early start and deep clean my entire house.  I always find it easier to maintain a certain level of cleanliness and organization (the hardest part for my family) than to start over every week, so I have decided to clean and organize everything this week.  I am going to use the blog to hold me accountable 🙂  I will go by the Life article as my starting point.  However, there are things that I won’t do such as making my children’s beds every morning.  My daughters are three and five and more than capable of making their own beds and picking up their own toys/rooms.  I will try to do an update a few times a week to let you all know how it is going, I’m not sure how much time I will have to spend on the computer 🙂

I may have to get up a little earlier than I have been to fit everything into the day, because it would not be a 1940s housewife challenge if I did all the housework in sweatpants and a ponytail.  They did it in a dress, full makeup and fixed hair, so I will too.

I started with my kitchen today, cleaned everything from the light fixture to microwave.  Now I will go organize my pantry and take inventory.  Then move on to the living room, dining room (they are connected), and play room to organize, dust, sweep, and mop.  I’m exhausted just thinking about it!  The consolation is I only have to do the organiziation part once, which is the most time-onsuming and difficult part.  I do need to get my husband involved so he can put his stuff away, half of my litchen counter is being overrun with his tools and things that belong in the garage.  I will make a Goodwill run tomorrow to drop off a bunch of clothes that no longer fit, they have been piling up for a few months while I went through my youngest daughter’s clothes and pulled out and washed all the things that didn’t fit.

I have also gotten more serious about my couponing, I watched that Extreme Couponing show and now I feel like an underacheiver.  I don’t think it’s actually possible to only spend $50 a month on groceries for my family of four, nor is it practical to stockpile years worth of toilet paper.  But any money that I can save my family is a good thing.  However, going through and trying to find all the coupons is almost a part time job!  The big problem I have is most coupons that are out there are for really processed food or junk food/soda, things that we don’t buy anyway so I’m not going to buy it with a coupon.  We try to avoid processed food and I refuse to buy things with HFCS (high fructise corn syrup), that stuff is awful for you.  I already prepare most of our meals from scratch, it doesn’t take any more time than heating something pre-prepared or going through a drive-through, and it is significantly cheaper! We eat a modified “paleo diet”, mostly meats, vegetables, and fruit, but I still use pasta and rice (to stretch the budget) and I love bread so I don’t want to give it up 😉


If anybody wants to join me in walking the walk of being a woman from the 40s-50s, I would love to hear from you!  I mean, who doesn’t wish they had a spotless home!  Try it with me for a month and by the end you won’t want to go back.  We can officially start on January 1st, even though I’m getting a jump on it due to time conflicts.

New Dress, Yay!!!

I got a new dress for christmas from my mom, she’s so nice 🙂  It is the “Natasha” in Navy and Cream from Pinup Girl Clothing.  This is only my second dress purchased form PUG, but I have been a fan for years.  The Natasha is AMAZING!!!!

IMG_7562 IMG_7560

I took the pictures after having worn it for 6 hours so it is a little wrinkled and the fabric isn’t as tight as when I first out it on.

I got it at a local store that sells vintage reproduction clothing,http://www.dressedlikethat.com/, I did a fashion show for them about a month ago. I had initially got the large but after looking at the size chart onI decided to exchange it for the medium. That was a good call becuase the medium was perfect.

My measurements right now are 42-27-39, so the chest was a little tight but I don’t mind a bit of extra cleavage 🙂

IMG_7564 IMG_7565 IMG_7567

Here is a front, back and side view.  I love the length and the bow detail.  The only negative is the way the front panel under the belt is cut, it has a little extra fabric and so it makes it look like my stomach is sticking out even though it isn’t.  It really only looks like that after wearing it for a few hours, I imagine it will tighten back up between wears (fingers crossed).

The color is amazing, it is a rich navy blue which contrasts so nicely with the cream bow and belt.  The belt doesn’t have holes, it just weaves through the buckle, but I could see it slipping and getting looser through out the day but I didn’t have that problem.

I absolutely love this dress, I have worn it twice in a week.  I never wear something twice in a week, or even a month! The cut is so flattering and so sexy while still being completly covered.

This is the link to Pinup Girl Clothing and the fabulous Natasha http://www.pinupgirlclothing.com/natasha-dress-in-navy-with-creme-bow-from-pinup-couture.html.  If the pencil skirt isn’t your thing, they have a similar dress called the Heidi which has the same top but with a swing skirt.  It is equally flattering without being as sexy.

Merry Christmas!!!

Yesterday was a day of last-minute shopping and baking.  I had to get Christmas presents for people, I only have myself to blame for putting it off until the last second, but hey it got done!  I agreed to bring pies to the various family get togethers that we were attending, so I did my baking as well.  I made cheesecake, I have used this recipe more times than I can count.  It is the easiest and most delicious cheesecake I’ve ever had, it turns our perfect every time.

So for all the running around, both to the store and in the kitchen, I dressed comfortably yet pretty and pinupy (not sure if that’s a word, but it should be)


It was snowing yesterday, but not too terribly cold.  I wore a dark teal long-sleeved t-shirt from Target, a vintage pencil skirt (thrifted), and boots.

IMG_7539 IMG_7533

Since it wasn’t windy or too cold, I went with my plaid capelet.  I love this thing, I wear it all fall until it is too cold or wet.  I got it on sale at the Gap outlet, I don’t think they sell it any more.  I just checked the website and it isn’t there.  I adore capes and plan on accumulating many, many more 🙂

IMG_7529 IMG_7546 IMG_7547

My hair was due for a wash, but I extended it another day putting it up in Victory rolls and wearing a snood.  It was also a plus that it stayed out of my face while baking.   I seriously got more compliments on my hair that day than I’ve ever gotten.  We went to the grocery store and 10 or 12 people stopped me to comment on my hair.  I will put up a tutorial on the victory rolls soon.  I topped it off with a flower, because I love to wear flowers in my hair!

Tutorial: How I dye my hair

I made it through finals woohoo!!!! As a reward to myself, I dyed my hair 🙂  It was in desperate need of some love, it was super faded and awful looking.  I had been meglecting my hair since I was so busy doing end of semester wrap up stuff.  So I thought I would document the process.  I’ve had a bunch of comments on my hair and the color, so I will let you in on the secret: it is pretty easy and cheap!


This is the before picture, my hair is in bad shape.  I also don’t have any makeup on so don’t judge 😉 I always wear the same shirt when dying my hair, so that only one shirt gets ruined with hair dye, but it is pretty tore up by now.


This is the color I use, Loreal HiColor Hilights in “RED”.  You can get it on Amazon, I’ve seen it on eBay.  I purchase mine at Sally’s Beauty Supply, it’s about $5 a box and I use about one and a half to two tubes to do my hair.  My hair is about 4 inches past my shoulder and pretty thick.  I did my roots with a 40 developer (also from Sally’s) and the length of my hair with a 20 developer. I don’t pre-bleach because this dye lightens the hair while coloring.  It has really helped the health of my hair that I don’t bleach it anymore.


When its all mixed up


I section my hair into quaters and pin three sections up and out of the way.  Working one section at a time makes life much easier.  I start with my roots, going section by section, pinning it back up before pulling down the next section.  Each 1/4 section is split into smaller sections (about 1 inch by 1/2 inch sections) to make sure every hair is covered.  After I have done all of my roots, I go back to the first section and do the length.  The roots take up about a half a tube, so I mix up a new tube with the gentler developer before starting the length of my hair.


I use a tinting brush to apply the dye, then work it through with my fingers to make sure it is covered evenly.  After my whole head is saturated with dye, I put a shower cap on and let it sit for 30 minutes.   Then wash it out and put a deep conditioner on it.   I have been using Argon oil products and they seem to be helping.


This is fresh from the shower, my lighting sucks so you can’t tell how bright it is but it is super bright!


This is what my hair looks like after just blow drying, it is huge and fluffy.  The color is really even, even though I use two different developers.


Here is the final product, post styling.  It looks and feels so much better!  My hair is much happier now 🙂

My daughters had their first Ballet recital this weekend, it was fabulous.  They did so good and were adorable.  It was worth sitting through two hours of show to see them for 5 minutes, lol.  It was pretty strange having to put a full face of makeup on my 3 and 5 year old children, their Daddy almost had a heart attack.  This is one proud mama right here, I have the cutest Reindeer ever!

IMG_7446 IMG_7445

IMG_7460 IMG_7441

I will be back after Christmas.  Enjoy your holidays!

Deck the Halls

I have been MIA the last few days.  I started finals, they will continue through next wednesday so I have to study (blah).  Friday was that horrible tragedy, so I didn’t really feel like doing anything except hold my kids.  Yesterday my rats died, so my kids were sad and I got to try to explain death to them.  It is not fun, at least I can use God and Heaven as the explanation.  I’ve never been so happy to NOT be an Atheist until having to explain conception to a 5 year old and death to a 3 year old.

So besides the awful things that happened this week, earlier it had been going pretty good.  We got our Christmas tree on tuesday and the girls had a great time decorating it.  We decided to get a live tree in a pot instead of a precut one, so that we can plant it in our yard.  It always feel so wasteful to just throw away a tree in January.  We picked out a fairly small one, including the pot it was about 5 feet, so the actual tree is about 4 feet high.  It’s a good thing we picked a small one, because we drive a Prius and didn’t really think about how we were going to fit it in the car prior to purchase.  The plan had been to tie the tree to the roof, but that wouldn’t work with the pot of dirt attached.  In the end we got it in, it was just an uncomfortable car ride home 🙂



It was really hard to get a good picture of the tree, my camera is  super old.  But it still looks pretty, its much brighter in person.


My little rag-a-muffins 🙂 They are so proud of their work.

Next week should be better, I have two more tests (the hard ones), then my Dad and his wife are coming to visit for Christmas, Friday is my girls’s first Ballet recital so we are all really excited for that!

I hope you all have a great week!