Rain, rain go away!

I was very excited for the beginning of Dressember, until I woke up this morning to very heavy rain! The forecast says that we will have rain through Monday, I live in the desert so rain is uncommon and therefore causes all sorts of problems. Mostly people who are unable to drive on wet roads! I don’t mind the rain when I’m prepared for it, but today with the rain and the cold I had no motivation to look nice 😦 I didn’t even do my hair this morning, I threw on a pair of jeans and a sweater and my trusty converse sneakers. 

I have committed myself to the month of Dressember. So I will be dressing up all month, rain or shine or snow or Mayan apocalypse! I’m pretty excited to share with everyone.

Have you heard of Dressember or participated before? Will you do it this year? Do you ever wear dresses/skirts in winter, or does the cold weather confine you to pants?  I would love to hear about your pretty dresses over the course of the month too, I’m not sure if you can post pictures in the comments but I will check.  If you want to share your Dressember outfits and are unable to post pictures in the comments section, you can email them to me 🙂


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