Post-thanksgiving relaxation

How was everybody’s Thanksgiving? We went to my husband’s brother’s house, I’m glad that I wasn’t hosting this year since I’m sick 😦 My brother is visiting from Houston, TX.  Thanksgiving is a good holiday for him to visit, it is always within a couple days of my mom’s birthday too.  My kids are so excited to be hanging out with their uncle, he doesn’t come to visit very often so it nice to see him.  I hate being sick though, blah!

It has been unseasonably warm this year so I have had to really break out the winter clothes yet, makes posting winter outfits kinda hard 🙂

I wore a lime green cami, a blue cardigan, and jeans.  I wore my favorite rainbow sequined heels, you can’t go wrong with sparkly rainbows they go with everything!  I always get a bunch of colors of “lace” camisoles when they are on sale at various stores at the mall.  I got the cardigan at a thrift store.

I did “bumper bangs” today, the rest of my hair was in a ponytail.  Then I tied a bandana as a headband to hide the bobby-pins. It is pretty easy to do, I use a rat (a foam cylinder) that I got at Sally‘s so I don’t have to tease my hair to death.  Section off the amount of hair desired and curl it under to make rolling easier, then roll the hair around the rat, spread the hair to cover the foam, then pin in place.  It may take a couple times to get it perfect, but it is pretty quick.

I have decided to participate in Dressember this year, the event where we wear a dress or skirt every day for the month of december.  I will be posting more about it as it gets closer.  So that is something fun to look forward too.  Have you ever done the Dressember thing? Do you wear dresses/skirt in winter?

Now I’m watching Return of the Jedi with my girls, it’s a good way to end the day 🙂


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