Fashion Show

Last night was the “Dressed Like That” fashion show, it was so much fun! There were a bunch of people there, I’m really happy for the owner Cynthia that we had such a good turnout.  Most of the folks had never been to the store before, most had never heard of the brands of clothing before! It was so awesome to see all these ladies trying on clothes they would have never thought of before and being so amazed at how great they looked! The best thing about dresses like the ones made by Pinup Girl Clothing, Bettie Page, or Stop Staring is that they are made for every body.  I know that a lot of the ladies that came last night will be return customers.  After the Pinup bug bites, there is no going back!


This is called Iced Coffee by Bettie Page, I wasn’t a fan of this dress when I saw it on the rack but after I tried it on I was surprised at how flattering it was.  I wasn’t a fan of the color, I thought it was an odd one.  Again I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it looked against my skin.  This is a perfect example of why trying things on is beneficial, something may lack hanger appeal but may look great on.

I don’t remember who makes this one, it was cute though.

This is the Military Secretary dress by Pinup Couture.  This one got some serious OOOHHHs and AAAHHHs when I came out, this is a very sexy dress.  I think this is great, my husband’s jaw dropped when I walked out so that is a good sign 😉  So many people came up to me after to ask where it was hanging up, I had to go and change out of it because so many people wanted to try it on!

It was great that so many people were introduced to this fabulous style that I love so much, and to the store that carries them.  Cynthia, the owner, is one of the nicest and most deserving ladies I have met.  She deserves all the success that is going to come her way.  So if you are ever in Reno, NV come by “Dressed Like That”.



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