Dressed like what?

If your town is anything like mine, there are very few stores that cater to the pinup girl.  We must content ourselves to scouring the internet and hoping that what we order will fit.  How many times have we placed an order and then been heartbroken when the things we love don’t fit.  I have often wished that there were more brick and mortar stores that carried my favorite vintage reproduction brands.  Thankfully my pinup prayers have been answered! I live in Reno, NV.  We have a pretty large rockabilly scene so it is about time that someone decided to open a store that sold brands like Pinup Couture and Bettie Page.

“Dressed Like That” was opened by the lovely Cynthia Lewis to have a palce where women can find options to embrace their feminine side.  I have volunteered to be a model in her first ever fashion show this friday.  We had a run through last night, and it was so much fun to see all the girls in all the different clothes.  The best part was that all of the girls were different ages and body types, which just goes to show that this style looks great on everybody! I took a couple pictures to give a taste of what is to come this friday!


This is the outfit that I wore yesterday, it was nice out yesterday but a little chilly when it got dark.  So I chose a blue short sleeve turtleneck and a grey pencil skirt.  It was very simple yet sexy.  Especially when paired with a pair of sky high heels.

I will post some pictures of the fashion show on friday, it should be fun.

I hope that you can all have the opportunity to visit a store in your area that sells clothes like this, it is such a fun experience to be able to go and try on a bunch of different dresses and find the best for your body and style.


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