As the weather outside gets frightful….

So I have seen a number of threads on various pinup lifestlye sites regarding winter wear.  It is so easy to dress in a pinup style in the summer, you can’t go wrong with cute sundresses and wedge sandals.  But as the weather gets colder, we start to wonder how we can keep up the awesome vintage style when all we want to do it cozy up in a huge sweater and functional boots!  Well I assure you, my lovely ladies, that it is possible to embrace our inner Betty rear round.  After all, women of yesteryear did it.

I have put together my comprehenisve list of garmets that help us attain our glamorous look even when the weather is frightful.

First: Long underwear, an extra layer between skin and cold is always a plus.   You can find long under wear online or in some outdoor activity specialty store (ie REI, Cabbella’s, etc.).  Silk is especially luxurious and the material is very thin which allows layering without bulk.

This website is one I found that carries a wide variety, and they group by “warmth factor” which is very helpful.  Not all climates require super heavy thermals.  This is a good place to start.

Second: footwear! Invest is some good  boots, depending on the climate where you live this may mean snowboots, rainboots, or just some nice leather boots to prevent the wind from licking at your calves.  I have had my eye on this pair my Miss L Fire, I think this may be my Christmas present to myself 😉 They are beautiful and have a lower, sturdy heel (very important) to prevent slipping on ice.

I recommend stocking up on stockings and tights, especcially thick cable knit.  They will help keep your legs warm, as well as hide the longjohns.

I like to wear a lot of wool, wool skirts are great in winter.  I love cardigans and sweaters.  I bought a bunch of long sleeve t-shirts in various colors to add a neutral to all of my skirts.  I’m really bad at dressing in neutrals, I’m drawn to bright colors but sometimes nothing brings an outfit together better than a white t-shirt.

If you can find a good vintage coat, it is a great investment for maintaining the pinup look in winter.  I found mine at a secondhand furniture store that happened to have  a little clothing section in the back.  Gloves and hats are a great way to add style and glamour while being functional.

I love this picture, I think that this is the ideal winter look.  She looks amazing, and look how warm she looks! I’ve always wanted a fur muff too.

Of course, if you just can’t convince yourself that dresses in winter is a good idea there are always pants.  Highwaisted trousers are great for a ’40s wartime vibe and highwaisted skinny/cigarette pants give off a bad-girl rockabilly thing.

The best bet for inspiration is found from old pictures of your grandma, or the internet in a pinch!  Look back at what women were actually wearing at the time and chances are it isn’t much different than today.  Have some fashion fun! I will post pictures in the weeks to come of what I put together to stay warm and fabulous.


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