One Saturday Morning

Today I’m enjoying a quiet morning at home with my kiddos.  We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and watched the snow fall.  In a couple hours we have ballet practice, grocery shopping (story of my life), then home to play in the snow after lunch.

I got my tattoo finished yesterday, I’m super happy with it.

This is a semi-before picture, this was what it looked like yesterday


And after:


I didn’t dress very nicely yesterday, I didn’t want to get ink al over my nice clothes.  But I still wanted to maintain my vintage style.  It is possible to look like a pinup even when dressed casual! I wore a black tank top, blue cardigan, and skinny jeans, with black flats.  This by itself doesn’t scream pinup, but add a rocking hairstyle and even the most modern of outfits can look pinup or rockabilly.


this is a better view of the front.  I set my hair in hot rollers, in a alternating waves pattern (one row rolled under and the next row rolled up, if that makes sense).  then brushed it until it looked the way I wanted.

I also wore my favorite fuschia lipstick, but I hadn’t put it on yet in the pictures.

That’s all for now, time to get ready for Ballet!


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